Hello all!

Welcome back to my blog. Last week while I was thinking about my new year’s resolutions, I came up with a fashion-themed challenge I could do this year. I want create a new outfit each week for an entire year, which would mean 52 new outfits for myself this year. This is a huge undertaking, but I am so excited to try this out! I am using this challenge to help spark my creativity and design new outfits for myself so I can do something nice for myself each week (yay self-care!).

I will be posting each outfit on instagram each week. If I get enough requests, then I will add my #ootd to the online store! I have already created my week 1 & 2 outfits for the year. Week 1 is the sweater knit dress pictured to the right. I will probably add this dress to the webstore regardless as a kick-off to the design challenge. I will be posting week 2 outfit tomorrow at the small fashion show I am showing my collection at the LA Convention center. My week 2 outfit will be worn for the fashion show on Sunday (1/15/17) at 2pm. So be sure to continue to check my instagram for all my looks! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

P.S. The website is still under construction, but it is almost complete! Check out this preview from our web designer! We know the launch is a bit delayed, but we just want to make sure all the bugs are figured out before we officially launch. The website should be up and running by late January! Just in time for Valentines day! Oooo la la…

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