Hello All!

We know it’s been a few weeks since our last post, but we are still working hard and back with exciting news! About a week ago we had a contest on our instagram looking for promo models to help promote the line! We are happy to report that we have picked our first 4 promo models! Our models are: @kitti_rah @buttertoast_b @glitzylinda @sarawrra.

All of these cuties were chosen because of their fab sense of style! We will be searching for more promo models over the next few months so hopefully by end of summer we have a solid selection of cuties that we can work with long term. Do you want to be a potential promo model? Be sure to follow us on Instagram so you know when to apply!

Now for more exciting news! We will be adding more merchandise to the store! We will be adding cute mini skirts, crop tops, and new styles including leggings, rompers, and pants! We can’t wait for you to see all the goodies! Another amazing set of news is that we will be hiring more staff to help us! We are slowly growing, but eventually we want to be the type of brand that has a showroom or store that everyone in LA could visit! Thinking ahead is always our plan! Speaking of thinking ahead, we will be showing a preview to our Fall collection at a fashion show this coming April in San Diego. We don’t have all the details for you, but we will definitely keep you updated!

Oh! And we haven’t forgotten our outfit of the day challenge. We got a little behind because of a very busy two weeks, but we will be back to creating outfits this week, so be sure to check our social media for our newest outfit of the week!

That’s all for now,

Stay cute and unique!

Model pictured is: @lonnielenyea

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