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It has been a busy month! I apologize that I have not been updating our blog with the latest happenings of L. Royalty. However if you have been following our instagram, you can see we have been busy traveling and creating our new collection! So grab a sweet snack, you are in for a long one!

Back in early March I received the privilege to work with one of my closest friends by the name of Rashon. We were hired to create costumes for the Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida. This was such a great opportunity for us, as we were able to create super hero inspired costumes for the Ultra Angel dancers. Rashon designed all the costumes, and together we brought his vision to life. I helped him pattern and sew his designs for this event, which meant many sleepless nights to pull this project off.   The costumes looked amazing and their fans on social media raved about them. These costumes will be shown around the world so I was so happy to be apart of their creation!


After working on the Ultra Angels project, I had to jump right into creating my Fall collection. I had to show my collection at a fashion show in San Diego. I was also asked to moderate a panel with the designers showing in the fashion show that weekend. I had to put together a preview collection and work on the questions for the panel at the same time. Thankfully my brand manager Lindsay took the time to come up a list of questions I could ask while I worked on the fall collection. This is why she is the best!

Planning for fall was a huge task in itself. I wanted to design a few holiday dresses and gowns with this collection and wanted to add a few darker colors for the season. I pulled inspiration from several runways in New York and around the world. Ruffles, lace, and sweater knit fabrics were my picks for this collection. Since this was a small show, I only needed 6 garments initially so I focused on creating a limited number of looks for the show. This show took place in San Diego, about 3+ hours south of Los Angeles, so I needed to travel a longer distance for this show. I also had to cast models that were in San Diego because asking my LA models to travel so far for a small show would have been a bit much.

I ended up finding 6 lovely models, but unfortunately 2 of them became sick the day of the show, so that meant I had to do 2 quick changes with my models. With only 6 models walking, it was a bit hectic. However, it worked out in the end. All my models looked great and worked well on the runway despite having to change quickly. Did I mention there was an issue with my music? The file was corrupted so it wouldn’t play. Ugh… but tech ended up solving it in the end. Well anyway, the show went well and I had the chance to show around a few of the models around the convention by the end of the day. I even did a impromptu photoshoot with one of my models Crissy Kay.

From there I had a week to finish a 10 piece collection and travel up to NorCal (Silicon Valley) for another fashion show: The Geek Fashion Show. Yes, I had to travel about 6 hours north of LA to prep for another fashion show a week after I returned from San Diego. This fashion show was very different since I haven’t traveled so for a show. I also didn’t know any of my models since the company I was traveling with booked models themselves, and I had to finish creating pieces for my show. Challenge accepted. As soon as I returned from San Diego I began work on my collection. There were a few sleepless nights as I prepped for the show up north. During the week prepping for the show, I found out several of my models dropped out because of sickness, work…etc, but the coordinator promised me that I would have enough models for the show. Its great not having to worry about something like that because working on my collection was my priority.

On Saturday afternoon I picked up my friend Ashi-chan and we were on our way to Silicon Valley. I brought my friend Ashi because she has experience styling wigs and prepping actors for theater productions so I knew she could help me with back stage prep with no issues. Along the way we didn’t really stop anywhere we just wanted to make sure we arrived to the location as soon as possible so we could get some sleep for the big day. The call time of the fashion show was 7am, so we were going to have a very long day.

The following day we arrived on time (well around 7:30am) and began to prep for the show. Ashi-chan and I started by prepping the clothing and wigs for all the girls.

The morning went going pretty well, there was a full hair/makeup team to help with prep which was great because all I needed to do was talk to the makeup team about what I wanted. I didn’t need hair since all my girls were wearing wigs, but it was great that the option was there. In the midst of getting ready, I found out several of my models didn’t show, but the coordinator somehow found me 4 or 5 models (I honestly don’t remember the number because it was so hectic backstage) to work with at the last minute thankfully! The show went well, from what Ashi told me, as I was back stage the entire time, which was great to hear. We then stayed for a bit to take photos and thank everyone for their help. After that we packed up and headed out since we had a 5-6 hour drive back down to L.A.


Since Ashi lived up in Norcal for part of her life, she told me about this hamburger place Nations that made great burgers and pies. So of course we had to stop by and try them. The weather was nice and warm so this made for taking great photos! Did I mention that Nations had gender neutral bathrooms? Well, they did and it was great to see. Along the drive back down to L.A. we passed all the farmlands and fruit/veggie stands. We saw a sign that said 6 avocados for $1, then saw a sign for 8 for $1, so we had to pull over. We wanted to buy so many things since the stand had honey, jams/jellies, strawberries, candy, popcorn and more. Of course as soon as we bought our  avocados, we pass a stand that said 10 avocados for $1!! But instead of stopping, we pushed on for L.A. Once we made it back to L.A., it was after 10 at night and I passed out as soon as I returned home.









Later that week I had a vendor show in Chinatown to sell a few of my $25 and under items. I made a few new items for the event and then packed and prepared for the event. The event known as Tokyo Status was full of music, drinks, and other vendors, it was a great event that was pretty packed. Overall the event went well and I was able to sell a few items and hand out a bunch of business cards. It was a great event and I defiantly hope to attend again.


During the same week I found out I was approved to show at New York Fashion week. To be honest, I was very nervous to even accept because I haven’t traveled to NYC before and didn’t know if I could do it by myself. I know I could do a L.A. fashion show by myself, but one in NYC? I wasn’t so sure. However, I decided to take the plunge and accept. I bought my plane ticket the same week so I would be forced to go anyway. So yes! I am headed to NYFW come fall of this year. So that means that I will be showing a 10pc Spring 2018 collection on the New York runway! I have already started pinning inspo on my pinterest board and started to sketch out ideas for the show. I plan on creating hair accessories, bags, and purchasing shoes for my models so that I truly create a head to toe look.  I am both excited and scared, but I think overall this will be a fun experience. Believe it or not, I have traveled to Italy, Japan, the Philippines, and even Mexico, but haven’t been to NYC.  I gave myself several days for sight seeing and to explore the city, so expect to see my photos, insta-stories and more during my trip to NYC. I am so looking forward to networking with other industry professionals and showing everyone my spring collection!!!

I have a several upcoming projects planned for the coming months, but I will save that for my next blog post. I will make sure to blog a few times a week so this doesn’t happen again.

Until then, stay fashionable & stay unique!

~Ginger Nichelle
Head Designer/Owner

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