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I know it has been a few months since our last blog post but we have been keeping busy!

First things first, our trip to NYC was amazing! I was able to see Central Park, The Met, Time Square, The Upper East Side, and of course the Garment District. I wish I could’ve stayed longer to visit a few more landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and to see an actual Broadway Show, but since my time in NYC was extremely short, I could only do so much.

Even still, I had a great time exploring the city by myself and getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city. I stayed in Brooklyn in a cute Brownstone house. It was located walking distance from the train station. So my first day, I figured out how to take the train successfully. I can’t get over how well the service is out there compared to LA! (24 hour train service is definitely needed out here.) Well anyway, after exploring the city for a few days, it was time to get to work on making the finishing touches on my collection, and fitting the garments to my models.

At the casting my sister & I viewed hundreds of models and narrowed down our choices quickly. My sample size is a small or medium so we wanted to be sure all the models we picked had a great walk that we knew could sell the clothes on the runway. After a quick bite to eat, we headed back into the the casting so we could figure out which model would be wearing which outfit. After what seemed like forever, we had our models and our line up for the 1st show. After getting dinner we headed back to Brooklyn and got some sleep for a very busy day of 2 runway shows for New York Fashion week.

The next morning we made it to the Park Plaza hotel where the show was going to be. Through all the disorganization, which was my main issue with this organization, we did have a great show and all my models looked great! The crowd seemed to really enjoy my looks and when my finale dress came out, all I heard was applause. My sister and I didn’t have much time to rest since right after the show we needed to make it to the next runway show, so we packed up and grabbed a lyft to the next show.

Upon arriving to the next show we had a much better experience with the staff of this show. Everyone knew where we were supposed to be and wanted to help us get settled. After a quick model casting and set up, we started getting our models dressed in the clothing. Once again all the models looked amazing on the runway and the crowd really reacted well to my collection. Because this show was better organized, I was able to use my music choice. I chose a hook from an older Nicki Minaj song where she sang about freedom. I felt this was fitting since I felt this collection was about being free to who you wanted to be. You can be glamorous, you can be soft, you can be hard, you can be quirky, it didn’t matter you were free. Check out the video below for the full show! The collection is available now via our website.



So here we are, in 2018! Currently we are working on launching our swim collection this year, which we didn’t get to do last year. We have already come up with a whole slew of cute silhouettes and prints we know you are going to love! We also have several mini collections planned including special occasion, swim, fall, and Halloween! We are even planning to start designing handbags, sunglasses and other accessories. We are super excited to bring you more looks from L. Royalty! We will also be headed to a several trunk shows this year, so we hopefully will meet you while we are on the road! We have so much planned this year including give-aways, runway shows, and new merch that we can hardly contain ourselves. We hope you will continue to support the brand any way you can.

Stay cute and stay unique!
Head Designer/Owner

P.S. How much do you love our new website layout?








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