Hello Cuties!

Welcome back to our blog! Last weekend we had the chance to visit the candy museum pop up in Santa Monica, Candytopia. After experiencing the Museum of Ice Cream last year, I knew I had to get tickets to this event! After getting in a bit later than scheduled because both my sister and I were late, we were greeted with a wonderful assortment of candy art and colors. Each room had a theme, as well as art that corresponded with theme, along with a huge bucket of candy you could grab from. Each room was filled with rainbow colors, candy statues, and even flying pigs! Oh, did I mention there was a pool of marshmallows you could play in? It was definitely a treat to walk through and take photos of all the artwork and structures that were up inside this museum. It took us about an hour to walk though the whole thing, but I would definitely recommend that you go if you are in the LA area.

I of course had to dress up in a candy themed outfit for the night, which is all available on our website and etsy. It was funny because most people who were standing in line thought I either worked there or I was apart of the show. I actually thought I would see more people dress up in a themed outfit, but I only saw a few others that came in cute, insta-aesthetic outfits. Even so, this place had a little bit of everything for all those who love candy, rainbows, and art. I suggest going in a group or with a friend, because you will want to take photos in every room!

So what are we working on this week? We are excited to tell you that we have an upcoming fashion show at the end of May! This show will be held in Pasadena in conjunction with another event. Right now we are trying to decide if we should create a whole new collection just for this show or if we should make a capsule collection. It really depends on the theme of the show, so we will definitely keep you all updated on where our vision will be for show & if we need to cast some models.


We are also planning a photo shoot for this month since we haven’t had one since December! Yikes! We have just been so busy on the back end, that we haven’t created a fun photo shoot yet. What are we going to shoot? Well, we are most likely going to re-shoot our lingerie collection from early this year. Plus remember last week when we were discussing our new line of dresses? We are going to shoot those too. We are just trying to figure out the best location to shoot these in. We would like to have the shoot in a park or something of that nature since the dresses will be for picnics and brunch and the like, but we are still working on finding the best location for us. Products will be available late this month, via our website & etsy, so be sure to continue to follow our social media to get a sneak peek of all the goodies.

We are currently applying to various trade shows and fashion shows for the future months so it is definitely going to continue to be a busy year. Thank you once again for all your support! We wouldn’t be here without you!

Stay Cute & Stay Unique!

Ginger Nichelle – B.S.

Owner/Head designer

Hey Cutie!

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