Hello Cuties!

Welcome back to our blog! We have a few small updates for you this week that we are so excited to tell you about, so let’s dive right in!

First off, we have secured our location for our upcoming photoshoot this month! We have rented out a beautiful house in L.A. that is perfect for the picnic with friends/brunch date with your bestie story we are trying to tell with our new capsule collection! Be sure to keep up with all of our social media on the 21st of this month to see some behind the scenes photos. We have booked a photographer, (which means, I can take a break from taking photos for once) a make up artist, a stylist, and three models. We are super pumped for this collection and can’t wait to show you all the goodies. As mentioned before, the collection will go live late this month on our store and etsy shop, which will be perfect timing for summertime with friends!

In other news, we have finalized our swimwear collection and will be debuting it early summer! We can’t wait to show you all the styles and prints we have picked out. The swim will be a limited run, so you will need to get it while it lasts, but we hope to expand our collection for next year, especially if it does well. If we do find a style does well, we will consider bringing it back if we are able to secure the fabric prints and if there is enough orders for it. We will defiantly keep you updated on all our progress throughout this process! We are just so excited for our brand to finally be able to offer swimwear.

For future plans, we are hoping to keep up this momentum by creating a capsule collection every month. Every month we are going to pick a theme and create 4-6 looks for the theme. We are going to draw inspiration from many places to put this capsule collection together and we are so excited to start working on this project. We will still have our main Spring & Fall collections but we will be adding to them and expanding a bit more so that we can bring you new products every month! So expect to see a lot more product trickling in as we move forward with this year. We have a few themes floating around in our head, but we won’t spoil the surprise, just be on a look out on our social media for mood boards and inspo.

Lastly, we just want to put out there that we auditioned for Project Runway, the reality competition. We are not expecting to be picked, although they would definitely get a fun contestant, we just wanted to put it in the universe that we applied. We of course would be overjoyed if the producers saw something in us that would want to make them put us on the show, but we know there are designers that have tried out for every season and haven’t gotten picked, so we know to be realistic. Our favorite part of sending in the application was definitely creating the audition tape because I really feel that our personality for our brand and who we are as a designer really came through. We will keep you updated on progress, but we aren’t too sure they will even pick us to be on the show since we have been on 2 design competition shows already. But hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Speaking of things that we applied to, we have also applied to be a vendor at the patchwork show happening in June. The patchwork show is a yearly event where designers, and artists sell their items to the people of Los Angeles. We have wanted to be apart of the patchwork show for awhile and now feel we are capable of making it happen. They do get thousands of applications and do not accept everyone, but we hope they will pick us so we can show at their event and it will pave the way for other events happening around Los Angeles.

That’s all for this week!

Stay Cute & Stay Unique

Ginger Nichelle – B.S.

Head Designer & Owner

Hey Cutie!

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