Hello Cuties!

Welcome back to our blog! We have a short blog this time, but it is still packed with updates for everything L. Royalty. So let’s dive in!

As mentioned last week, we are working on our new line of summer dresses which we are working overtime to finish for the shoot this weekend. We have a total of at least 10+ dresses that we will be debuting on our website & etsy. It is always crunch time until the deadline for us, so we will be probably sewing up until the last minute! We are so excited to show you what we are working on and can’t wait until we can show you the finished products. Most of the dresses will come in prints that we can create for a long time, but others may be one of a kind because of the limited availability of the
fabric. We also wanted to use older fabrics we bought years ago for projects that didn’t end up happening, so in those cases there will only be 1 dress because of the use of recycled fabrics. Either way, there will be plenty of choices for you cuties to love, and don’t worry, we will continue to offer
this style in many fabrics to come!

In other news, we have come up with the theme for our next capsule collection! A collection we will be debuting at the end of May at a fashion show! With our next collection we are going back to our roots and pulling inspiration from one of our first fashion shows as a designer. Our next capsule collection will be inspired by gothic lolita and sweet lolita. We want to present a contrast of colors and personalities that we think every Barbie girl has. We will be showing how the two worlds mix and blend together to create something very beautiful. We aren’t sure how many looks we are going to create, but we are aiming for 6 new looks for the show. We are currently looking for models for the runway show, so if you are interested, contact us! As with all our shows, we do have height and size requirement. So be sure to check out our casting call on our instagram page.

A lovely surprise this week happened when we heard back from the Patchwork Show we applied to a few weeks ago! We were accepted into their vendor show and can’t wait to offer new items for the vendor fair! The Patchwork Show is full of hundreds of vendors that sell all kinds of homemade art and food! This is our first time attending and we can’t wait to see what it’s like showing at such a huge show! We will be at the Long Beach show on June 10th selling some old and new items! If you are in the LA area, be sure to mark your calendars & come out for the show! We are making sure we are able to offer something for everyone’s budget, so we will be selling items from $10-$250+. So there will definitely be something for everyone. We will continue to update you on what we will be bringing, but we hope to add accessories to our list of items for sale. We are working hard to prioritize and make sure we will have time for everything we planned this year, as it is already shaping up to be extremely busy year for us!

Next week we’ll discuss New York fashion week since we are applying to a few shows for fashion week and hope to have a solid plan for NYC by end of May. We are purchasing our tickets soon, so we’ll be there either way come September!

That’s all for now!

Stay Cute & Stay Unique!
Ginger Nichelle – B.S.
Head Designer/Owner

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