Hello Cuties!

Welcome back to our blog. We just a few updates this week, but still very exciting.

First off, we want to discuss New York Fashion Week. Last week we talked about being apart of a huge show that we could show a 30 piece collection right? Well, we were approved for another show that will allow us to hit the runway again during fashion week! We showed our collection at Small Boutique Fashion Week last year and can’t wait to come back for a 2nd year. Although we are only allowed to show half of what we can show at the other show, we will have plenty of styles to choose from to create another beautiful show for New York Fashion Week. What is also great about this show is that our baby sister/on set makeup artist, Angel Tenshi was able to get into the same show! She is currently a fashion student who has been working very hard to produce her final collection for school and what better to spend her last quarter in school but to have her collection shown on the New York City runway! We are so proud and can’t wait to share the stage with her!

Our month of May is going to be pretty busy as we prep for the rest of the year. We are currently creating a new capsule collection for the fashion show we are presenting at on the 26th, which we are very excited about. Plus we will be creating new items to sell at The Patchwork Show, and we will be looking for inspo for our Spring/Summer 2019 collection for New York Fashion Week! Oh, did we mention we also need to start planning our Halloween 2018 capsule collection so that it can go live on the website shortly after we come back from New York? (Yikes!) We are definitely staying busy here at L. Royalty. We are spending most of the year adding more merchandise to the store and getting our brand out there. We may not have been chosen for Project Runway (this time), but we feel it will come at a better time. We would have had to cancel everything to be on the show, and you know what? There’s always next year.

We also received photos back from our shoot with the photographer, so we will be uploading them to our website this week! We are so happy we were able finally able to shoot our recent collection and be able to show you all the amazing photos that came from the shoot. Like we mentioned before, we will continue to play with our sundress silhouettes so that we can have multiple styles to show everyone! We are very excited that we can use these silhouettes to bring you something very cute and unique for every Barbie girl to enjoy. We will be at the Patchwork Show selling our new dress collection as well as some new items. So be sure to follow our social media to see what we are currently working on!

We are truly excited for what this year will bring. We are just trying to market our brand and try new ways to get L. Royalty out there. We hope to be successful within the next few years to have our brand available at retailers online and in stores. We hope one day we can open our own boutique and sell our brand along with other indie brands in our own store in Los Angeles. We are dreaming big, but we have huge hopes to go far in the fashion industry.

That’s all for this week!

Stay Cute & Stay Unique

Ginger Nichelle – B. S.

Owner/Head Designer

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