Hello Cuties!

It has been a busy few weeks so let us catch up on a few items this week in our blog.

First thing, we had our fashion show over the weekend and it turned out lovely. We didn’t create a new collection as we had planned, so we showed a mix of items that hadn’t been on the runway yet, and some items that had been on the runway. Either way, the show went off without a hitch and we were able to put on a wonderful runway show. After the runway show, there was a panel with a few of the designers from the show. The panel consisted of us discussing what it takes to create a brand, where we get our inspiration from and so on. The audience was engaging and the moderator brought up great questions for us to answer, so all and all it was a great day. Inbetween the busy day, we had a mini photoshoot outside with a few of the models, however, there should be a video coming soon for the whole fashion show, so we will post the video as soon as we receive it.

Now that the fashion show is over, we can focus on our next event, The PatchWork Show! We are so excited to be apart of this amazing show, and we think we have a great spot! We will be set up under a pink umbrella, so be sure to come out and find us. We will be offering old stock at a huge discount, our new sun dresses, a few new sunglasses, and some of our classic items on our website. We hope to help get the word out about our brand and meet some of our new customers. Since we weren’t sure how our first vendor show was going to be, we opted for a small 4 x 6 booth. We hope to expand to a full booth next year if everything goes well, but for now we will just have our little booth and hope to do well at this event! We ordered new business cards too! So we are so pumped for this opprotunity to be a vendor at such a huge event! Be sure to save the date: June 10th, at 11am. Remember, the event is free to attend, so there’s no reason you should miss out!

After the PatchWork Show, we are going to spend all of our time working on our New York Fashion Week collection! We have finally narrowed down which categories we are going to do for the big show we are showing 30 looks in. We will have be showing 5 categories with 6 looks per category: Ready to wear separates, Swim, Athleisure, Lingerie, and Evening wear. Now the hard part is narrowing down all the looks we want to create since we have sketch books full of ideas! We are going to plan out every design carefully and work slowly on the collection over the next 3 months. That way, once we get to NYFW, we have everything completed for the runway. It’s going to be a very fun and grueling 3 months, but we will keep you updated on everything we are doing for the show. We have already picked our mood and color story, so now the real designing and crafting can begin. We are going to have a lot of up’s and down’s over the next couple months. Wish us luck!

Now for some slightly bad news. Unfortunately we aren’t able to produce a swim collection for this year. The manufacturer we were working with was not able to produce the swim collection in time, they told us that the earliest they could do would be by end of summer, and that just wouldn’t work for us. So we are putting the entire collection on hold until next year. On the bright side, we will be making a few swim pieces for our New York fashion week show, so we will still create swim this year, it is just getting post-poned a bit. We are seriously bummed that this happened, as we expected to have something new for you all this summer, but unfortunately we had to cancel the whole collection since swimwear is very seasonal, even in SoCal. We are still planning to create and push through all of our goals this year, we just have to switch gears a bit depending on the situation. New York is still happening of course, our Halloween collection will still happen, and we hope to find new vendor shows we can be apart of to sell L. Royalty and get our brand out to the public. We also hope to do at least one more show besides NYFW by the end of the year.

Thank you for all your support through our journey, we truly appreciate all of it, whether is is a ‘like’ on a photo or a purchase from our store, we appreciate every single one of you.

That’s all for this week!

Stay Cute & Stay Unique!
Ginger Nichelle – B.S.
Head Designer/Owner

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