Hello Cuties,

Welcome back to our blog! It’s countdown to New York Fashion Week now, but lets talk about the Patchwork Show first.

So last weekend we had our booth set up at the Patchwork show in Long Beach. The day started out a bit overcast, but soon the sun came out just before the show started which made for a perfect day of shopping. We were nestled near the front entrance next to several jewelry vendors, candle makers, and pottery makers. It was a nice mix of talented indie artists and everyone working the event were very sweet and accommodating. The day was full of families, dogs, and little kids wandering from booth to booth with the hopes of finding something they liked. For us, it seemed the sun dresses and our scuba dress sample (since the fabric is no longer available, we had to stop selling it) were the most popular items. It seemed like little girls loved the sunglasses and how our whole booth was set up because they said everything reminded them of Barbie. (Achievement unlocked!) All and all, it was a great day. We didn’t sell as much as we would like, but the experience was worth it, as we know what we should do for future shows. Getting a bigger booth with a 10 x 10 tent, would help, since it seemed more people were lured into the spaces that looked like mini boutiques. We also think a changing room would help us as well, since it was hard for those to know their sizing without trying on clothing. We also feel that if we had a full length mirror, people could imagine taking some items home with them since they tried on the samples and it fit them well. But as we said, there is always next year! We can only improve now that we have seen what it is like doing a bigger vendor show.



Now that the vendor show is over, we need to focus on New York Fashion Week in September. September seems like it’s far away, but when you are working on a 30 look collection, it it really around the corner. The good thing is, we have been designing throughout the year mini collections we wanted to debut with a photoshoot, but what better way to do so but at fashion week! We already have our designs for the athleisure collection, as well as the swim collection. We just need to nail down final plans for our lingerie, ready to wear and after 5/evening collection. We have some ideas floating around, but we haven’t narrowed down what we really want to show next. But don’t worry, this is nothing new for us at L. Royalty, we usually create organically when we are creating a collection so we aren’t confined to a certain idea. A lot of the time, we will start to create something new but dispose of it if it is not coming out the way we pictured, or we chose the wrong fabrics. Either way, we are very excited to be apart of two big shows for New York Fashion Week and can’t wait for the final debut.

Since our main focus is going to be NYFW, we are going to put any other projects on the back burner for now. We may still create a few easy looks for a photoshoot, but for the most part, our time is going to be spent focusing on our main runway show. We will try to keep everyone updated via our blog, but it may just be an update via social media. We know the algorithms have changed, but just be sure to check back often to what we are working on and we promise not to disappoint! We do still have plans to make a Halloween inspired collection, however we are split between creating a fantasy or creating something wearable all year round. Whatever we choose it should drop late September or early October just in time for Halloween. We also have plans to make a holiday collection but of course we have some time for that.




We definitely keep busy here at L. Royalty, but this is the life of a designer!

Until next time,

Stay Cute & Stay Unique!

Ginger Nichelle – B.S.

Owner/Head Designer

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