At L. Royalty, we believe every day is worth celebrating. It can be as simple as wearing your favorite shoes or as grand as starting your own business. Especially while staying at home and the days start blending together, we find ourselves scrolling through social media for things to celebrate. It seems like there’s a national fill-in-the-blank day hashtag that trends every day, so we decided to compile these days to make our own calendar! Have a look through the slideshow below and read on for an overview of the holidays we found!

Although May is almost over (Ahh! Where’d the time go?), National Macaron Day and National Creativity Day fall at the end of the month, on the 20th and 30th respectively. National Macaron Day is a wonderful excuse to indulge in some French desserts, so who wouldn’t want to celebrate? This year, our lifestyle blogger, Claire, is going to attempt to bake her own macarons! She tells us that she’s watched a lot of Youtube videos but has been too scared to give it a try. For National Creativity Day, some of our team members are ramping up to work on new fashion designs and even some watercolor painting. 

June is full of fashion mini-holidays! To start off the month, June 1st is National Nail Polish Day, which is the perfect excuse to set up your own at home mani-pedi station and treat yourself! It’s always sewing day here at L. Royalty, but given that June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day, it would be a great time to teach yourself how to sew if you don’t know how or to try out a new project on your machine if you. Next up is National Pink Day, and it’s a real shame that it doesn’t fall on a Wednesday. This year, it’s June 23rd – a Tuesday…. So close, but so far away! To wrap up the month, National Outfit of the Day is June 30th. If you’re looking for some OOTD inspiration, be sure to check out L. Royalty on social media. 

In July, we have National Tattoo Day on the 17th and National Lipstick on the 29th, so we will be rocking iconic looks all month long. National Tattoo Day is special because it showcases that style isn’t limited to clothing but rather encompasses the whole body. Playing with different shades of lipsticks is a fun way to switch up your look. Red is always a classy shade, neutrals are great for casual looks, and coral is a fun hue to spice up your style. So, celebrate National Lipstick Day on June 29th!

August entails two special days for L. Royalty. Number one: August 19th is designer Coco Chanel’s birthday. In our opinion, that should be a national holiday! We will be celebrating by dressing up in our chicest Chanel-inspired ensemble while sipping champagne. Number two: August 17th is National Thrift Store Day. If we’re still in quarantine when August rolls around, we recommend ThredUP’s website for some online thrifting. For even more fun, set up a virtual clothing swap! For guidance on how to do that, click here for our blog post. Wondering why we stopped at August? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for the fall and winter days we plan on celebrating! 

Every single day is worth celebrating. Period. There will be days that are difficult, and there will be days that are exciting. With that said, take some time to look for the positives in your day. National holidays are a great place to start, but you don’t necessarily need to adhere to the days we outlined above. In fact, create your own! Celebrate when your contour looks flawless, have a dance party when your favorite song comes on the radio, and treat yourself to some ice cream after a day of hard work. How do you celebrate each day? Let us know in the comments below! 

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