Here at L. Royalty, we love cosplay. We know that the word “cosplay” can be a little intimidating, but because we want you to experience the same joy we get from it, we’ve decided to break it down into manageable tips and tricks from all levels of cosplayers! One form of cosplay is Disneybounding. Disneybounding originated from Tumblr user Leslie Kay who wanted to dress up at the Parks despite their rule that no one above the age of fourteen is allowed to wear costumes. She chose to make outfits for her upcoming trip based upon Disney characters, and since then, the trend has skyrocketed. Disneybounding is a great way to channel your favorite characters and allows freedom to experiment with different styling options. Here are some fun examples of the L. Royalty team showing off their different DIsneybounding outfits! 

Our blogger Claire was inspired by Mary Poppins, particularly from the iconic scene “Having a Jolly Holiday.” She started by seeing what she had in her closet and then went to a thrift store to find the rest. To put together this look, all you need is a white dress, a red belt, a matching pair of shoes, and a hat. If you don’t have all of these items, don’t worry! Disneybounding is all about working with what you have and using your artistic license to create a look you’re proud to wear. She already had a scarf to tie around her waist and a sun hat in her closet. The white sundress, from the brand Alya, was a thrifted find. Thrifting is a great way to pick up pieces for cosplay and Disneybounding without breaking the bank. For tips on how to find great pieces such as these, see our post about thrifting here.

Our other blogger, Kelly chose to Disneybound as Mulan, particularly the ending scene where Mulan thanks Mushu for his help. Kelly was able to put the final details on her look with her thrifted finds, which leads us to our next tip: pay attention to the details. Although Disneybounding can be trying to replicate an exact look, it can also focus on a character’s aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Mulan, Kelly honed in on details for her hair piece as well as the cuff on her jeans from London Jean. If you look closely, the cuffs are sporting some dragons embroidered on them! It’s a perfect nod to Mushu, Mulan’s sidekick. She also styled her hair similar to Mulan by doing it in a bun but by leaving it half down, she gives it her own spin. The black shirt (vintage Dolce & Gabbana) and shoes are closet staples that most people own, but the details are what truly give it a Mulan inspired look. 

Sometimes, you can channel an entire movie or world through your outfit. Our head designer, Ginger, decided to do exactly that! Instead of having to pick between the hundreds of amazing characters, she chose to follow the theme of a movie. In this case, she decided to style the Star Wars franchise. Her pink cloud top is from L. Royalty clothing which you can purchase here. Can’t you just see the pink, cloudy sunset on a planet in a galaxy far, far away? Both her skirt and cardigan are from Her Universe, although they are no longer available. There are many different ways to draw inspiration from your favorite characters and worlds, and styling a look that is an ode to a favorite movie is a great place to start. 

And there you have it – our best tips to start Disneybounding! Start by picking a character or movie to serve as your inspiration. Then, see what you have in your closet. If you want to round out a look by shopping, L. Royalty has great pieces to use for cosplay. If you need a specific item, check your local thrift store. From there, hone in on the details. Look for accessories and other finishing details to complete the look. Then, go ahead and rock it! Keep us posted on your cosplaying adventures by tagging us on social media. We can’t wait to see what you style! 

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