Looking for a fun summer DIY? L. Royalty has you covered. In this blog post, I’ll be teaching you how to make shorts with a scalloped hem from jeans that you no longer wear. By breathing new life into denim, you’re helping the planet. Eco-friendly clothing is a trend we can all get behind, and there’s nothing better than being able to respond to compliments by saying “Thanks! I made myself!” Scalloped edges are a cute yet classy trendy addition to your wardrobe, and they’re easier to do than you might think. Let’s dive into the steps to make your own scalloped shorts. 

  1. Gather supplies. You’ll need old jeans, chalk, scissors, and something circular to trace for perfect scallops. I’m using a piece of Tupperware for my circular object. You will also need thread for your sewing machine. I used white for a contrast stitch. An optional tool is iron-on fusible interfacing, which you can iron on to the inside of the fabric and cut your scalloped edges without needing a sewing machine to finish it off. 
  1. Try on your jeans to measure how short you want them to be. Using your chalk, make an outline of where you want to cut your fabric. Be sure to mark below where you want the hem of your shorts to be because we will be sewing them, making them slightly shorter than this mark. If you’re unsure, give yourself extra length to play with once we start tracing our scalloped edge. If you decide to use the fusible interfacing, here’s what you’re going to do: flip the jeans inside out and iron on the interfacing about where the chalk mark would be on the right side of the jeans. Be sure that there is interfacing above and below where you’ll be cutting your scalloped edge. Flip right side out when finished. 
  2. Now, time to draw the scallops on. Start on the outer edge of the pants, making sure to line up the seam so the pants are perfectly in half. Put half of the circular object, in my case a cup, on the jeans and trace with the chalk. Place the cup slightly below the previous scallop so that at the end, the scallops make a slight diagonal line down the pants. This will prevent the shorts from riding up. See the picture below for my example of how to get the sketched-on scallops like this. Repeat on the other side. 
  1. Now, it’s time to cut the scallops. Check again that the original seams of the jeans are are lined up. For help keeping the seams in place, I pinned the jeans together so that the scallops didn’t shift while I cut them. Be sure that your fabric scissors are sharp or else the fabric will be difficult to cut. 
  2. To give it an extra special detail, you can add a contrast hem stitch with your sewing machine. My machine has a cute decorative, floral stitch that I used to go around the scallops, but a straight or zig zag stitch would achieve a similar look. The white thread really pops against the dark wash denim. I considered using a red or blue thread for extra color, so feel free to experiment with different color combinations. I used a sewing gauge to keep the length from the edge of the scallop to the stitching even. While sewing, be sure to pivot once completing a scallop so that the stitching looks crisp. To finish it all off, throw the shorts into the wash to get out the chalk marks. 

There you have it – your very own pair of scalloped shorts! Here’s the before and after pics! This pairs well with a crop top or t-shirt, and it could also be dressed up with a flowy blouse and wedges for a dressier look. These shorts are the perfect summer addition to your wardrobe, and we can’t wait to see how you put your personal spin on this DIY. Be sure to tag us on social media so that we can see your creations! 

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