In my previous post, 5 Way to Thrift Smarter, I gave my best thrifting tips for in person shopping, but over the past few months in quarantine, I’ve learned that there are also opportunities to thrift online. In-person and online thrift stores alike are both great ways to find secondhand clothing you love while helping the environment. By keeping clothing out of landfills, you are reducing waste, and you get a new addition to your closet. Score! If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the waters of online thrifting, I’ve got you covered. This month, I tried ThredUP, one of the Internet’s best online thrift and consignment shops. I ordered a Create-Your-Own Goody Box which allowed me to pick up to 10 pieces of clothing priced from $15 to $100. The box is $10, which covers shipping and handling to and from ThredUP’s warehouses, and the $10 is applied to whatever you decide to keep from the box. And believe me, you’ll want to keep everything. Without further ado, my ThredUP haul and tips!

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to online thrifting, begin by searching brands that you love. Knowing what brands fit you well and match your style is a good diving off point. For me, it’s J. Crew; I adore the preppy, east coast style. The houndstooth skirt and corduroy jacket are both from this brand. I also picked out two more dresses from J. Crew that you will see later in this post. 

My next tip for online thrifting (and online shopping in general) is to look for pieces that you need. Believe me, I too have fallen prey to the online shopping addiction, so by looking for pieces that your wardrobe needs, your wallet will be better off. Don’t get me wrong, I selected some wild card, statement pieces to enjoy, but I started off my looking for a piece that I needed. You’ll notice in this post that almost half of the Goody Box is dresses, and that is because I’ve been invited to quite a few weddings this summer. Therefore, I need to be on the prowl for something to wear to those dressier events. The dress to the right is J. Crew and is new with tags. 

In 5 Way to Thrift Smarter, I suggest shopping off season for the best deals. The same logic applies to online thrifting. In this outfit, I paired a wintery Alice + Olivia skirt with tights and a turtleneck. Yes, I’m aware that it’s June, but I could totally see myself rocking this look at a holiday or New Year’s Eve Party. By looking out of season, I could save a little cash, put it away until fall/winter, and have a new piece to look forward to. 

Another fun aspect of shopping on ThredUP is that you can find awesome clothing from brands you wouldn’t expect. The search feature is great to find something specific like pink satchels but also general articles of clothing like rompers. The romper (below) is Kimchi Blue, the rosy satchel is Remi/Reid, and the pink dress is En Créme.

Don’t be afraid to look at some designer items. The beauty of a ThredUP box is that you can send back what you don’t want, so there is no pressure to buy designer clothing if it doesn’t fit, isn’t the exact item you want, or any other reason you may not want to commit to a hefty price. I had a ton of fun trying on some Christian Dior wedges, and you’ll see the white shoes in almost all of the pictures in this post. They’re stunning, but I can’t afford them. Despite that, I enjoyed getting to bask in the enjoyment of wearing something fancy, if only for a little while. This box also gave me an opportunity to get a feel for what I want to buy when I eventually splurge on designer. These shoes were size 35 ½ European, and I think I might bump up to a size 36. 

Lastly, this tip goes for both online and in-person thrifting – inspect all clothing carefully. I adored this black Reformation dress, but I didn’t see online that it was incredibly sheer. To model it for this post, I put a slip on, but I wouldn’t want to hassle with a slip if I were to purchase it. Luckily, you are under no obligation to purchase any of the items from the box since you are able to send back the pieces you don’t want to purchase. If there is a flaw, you don’t need to buy it. For example, the navy J. Crew dress was adorable, invoking a feeling of summer in Nantucket, but it was missing a button. I am able to hand sew, but I’m glad that I saw this flaw before deciding to purchase it. 

So, you’re probably wondering – what did I keep from the box? I’m on a tight clothing budget this summer, so I decided to limit myself to two items: the seafoam J. Crew dress and the pink Remi/Reid purse. All ten items from the box fit me and were quality pieces. I wish I could have kept them all, but I will definitely be ordering another box soon. If you have any questions about online thrifting, leave a comment below so that I can answer them for you. 

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