Hey, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here. Oh, wait, it’s Claire from the L. Royalty Team. If you’ve been keeping up with our recent posts, you’ll notice that we love thrifting and upcycling. I’ve written several posts about my best thrifting tips as well as a summer jeans to shorts upcycle. Well, something else that I love is Gossip Girl. When I was out thrifting, I found a dress that resembled a piece from the show. So, I flipped it into a Marc by Marc Jacobs inspired piece. My favorite Poshmark seller, gapgirl259, is selling the dress for $650. (Which is a fair price! It’s designer AND a collector’s piece. I just don’t have the money to pay what it is worth.) So, with the magic of some dye and ribbon, I turned into Blair Waldorf! Keep reading to see how I did it. 

First, I’ll give you some insight into how I picked out this dress. It actually started as an extra large shirt, but it had the perfect details to become the iconic Dita dress from Marc Jacobs. The main features I was looking for was a lace overlay as well as long sleeves. The sleeves are more three-quarters style than full sleeves, but I am still happy  with it. An added bonus of this dress was the vest portion that I cut off and used to finish off the collar. 

To prepare the dress for dyeing, I put it in an Oxy-Clean bath to remove stains – both seen and unseen. I used about two gallons of water and half a scoop of powder. Then, I let it sit for about three hours. Because the dress was a cream color, I thought that there was no need to use a color remover. 

Now, for the actual dyeing process… Oh goodness, where to begin? I’ve never dyed anything before, so this was a wild ride from start to finish. First, I bought dye for synthetic fabrics. I wanted the dress to be tan, so I bought it in the color sandstone. Long story short: the tan didn’t dye like I thought it would. I dyed it for a second time using a darker color brown, hoping to get the right shade. (I literally dumped the dye down the sink on accident…. Eek!) 

After the dyeing incident and finally achieving my desired hue, I altered the sleeves. Since they were designed for a different size, I sewed a new seam to make them fitted. I flipped the dress and sleeves inside out, sewed from under the armpit to the cuff. 

Once the sleeves were adjusted, it was time to add the finishing details. The original dress had two layers of ruffles, so I removed one layer of the dress to accommodate the ribbon. Then, I sewed the black and white ribbon. First, I added white to the sleeves, hem, and collar. The brown lace you see was from the original dress. Then I added black to the hem while allowing the original ruffle to peek out. 

My last step to complete the dress was to finish off the collar. Instead of buying brown bias tape, I used fabric from the vest of the original piece. It had this adorable brown rick rack detail on it that I thought would add an extra special touch. It took me forever to pin this and sew it, but that’s probably because I’m still learning the ropes of design and altering. 

Here is the finished look! I paired it with tights and headband in true Blair Waldorf fashion, and I think it looks very Upper East Side inspired. This dress is from one of my favorite episodes, Blair Waldorf Must Pie, and I can’t wait to make more Gossip Girl thrift flips! Drop your favorite episodes and looks below so that I can recreate them! 

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