Here at L. Royalty, dresses are a best selling style, and we love designing them. I, too, love dresses. What is interesting about my style evolution is that I used to loath wearing them, but I’ve realized that dresses are comfy and simple to wear. You don’t need to match multiple pieces of clothing, people think that you’re extra fancy, and you don’t have to wear pants. That’s a win-win all around, if you ask me. If you’re looking for some summer inspiration, look no further! L. Royalty has the cutest dresses around, and if you need styling help, I’ve compiled a mini “lookbook” of dresses and listed my top three tips to make the most of your summer dresses. 

1. Accessorize

Dress up any dress (Pun intended.) with some accessories. In the first look, I added an oversized, floppy hat to go with the daytime vibe I was going for, like a picnic. Although the white sandals I’m wearing are minimalistic, they allow the dress and hat to have the spotlight.  In my second look, I added a pop of orange as an accent color by incorporating a belt and shoes in the same shade. The sunny orange stands out against the crisp white and black pattern, and if you look closely, you’ll see that this dress has zebra stripes and actual zebras on it! Wild patterns are a summer must. Which leads me to our next point…. 

2. Do something BOLD.

Dresses are meant to be fun! Play around with exciting patterns and unique silhouettes. I found this stunning, watercolor, flower print dress at a thrift store, and I think that my sassy hair flip in the photo captures its essence well. I used a similar technique with my shoes, keeping them simple to allow the dress to be the star of the show. Next up, I played with the neckline of my trendy overall dress. Instead of picking any old tee to put underneath, I chose an off the shoulder top to accentuate my collarbone structure. Nothing is more classic than a white top and blue denim, especially for summer. 

3. Add a tee.

Summer can be hot, but is there anything worse than a searing sunburn? Throwing on a tee shirt over or under a dress can be a great way to avoid the UVs and look stylish at the same time. In the first picture, I styled a navy tee with a floral skater dress. If you’ve been with us for awhile, you may recognize the pink purse from my ThredUP Box Review. I love how it ties the outfit together!

Another option that utilizes a tee shirt is to wear it over your dress, making it into a faux skirt. To add more dimension and accentuate my waist line, I tied up the shirt into a knot. I absolutely adore the nautical vibe from the stripes and the wave blue hues. Perfect for a day at the lake or the beach!

Last but not least, instead of adding a tee shirt to your dress, you can turn your dress into a shirt! This technique works best with shorter dresses (less fabric to deal with) and tighter dresses (less bunching). As you can see from the first photo of the aqua dress, it’s relatively short which worked for this example. To dress it down, (Pun intended. Again.) I tucked the dress into a pair of scalloped shorts that I thrift flipped. If you’re as obsessed with these shorts as I am, you can make them by following the instructions from my post here

That’s the lookbook! Searching for even more stylish dresses? Check out L. Royalty’s shop for the cutest dresses ever. We want to see how you style your dresses, so tag us on social media at L. Royalty Clothing! 

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