This week, as L Royalty Clothing prepares to release our new raincoat collection, I’ll be taking a look at some trends involving vinyl and sharing some outfit inspiration for your own closet. Vinyl is a bold material to work with. It’s often fitted, shiny, and eye-catching, and not for the faint of heart. However, it’s great because it can be styled with other fits, styles, and materials to create a unique look that’s sure to make you stand out!

A great place to start wearing the vinyl trend is in skirts! This black skirt is a more subtle option, which looks great paired here with a textured sweater. A clear pvc skirt is definitely for those with a bolder fashion taste, but it looks cool and fresh over this sophisticated all-black outfit. The color-blocked pink skirt is a great pop of color, and perfect for a night out, paired with a lace bodysuit as it’s shown here or a simple black top.

For more inspiration on vinyl fashion, take our uquiz to see what kind of vinyl look would suit you best!

You can also always check out our Pinterest, including our vinyl inspiration board

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