This Fashion Week has been drastically different from any other, presented entirely online due to the pandemic. Without live fashions shows packed with spectators and models walking the runway in the newest styles, designers have been forced to try new methods to show off their designs.

I’ll be speaking about designer Collina Strada’s show, which consisted of a short video that showed off her collection. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, featuring custom music, 3D animations, and hand-drawn scenery. Collina Strada is the brand of Brooklyn’s Hillary Taymour. The diverse and inclusive model lineup dances around in colorful clip on extensions, showing off Taymour’s brightly colored outfits.

Aaron Philip, an up-and-coming model who I wrote about earlier this year, was featured in the video as well. She’s shown as the cover of the film below, is a rising trans model and disability advocate.

The film is fittingly titled “Change is Cute”. This was meant to show that not only is inclusivity in fashion important, but that it does in fact improve your art for the better. The wide range of models in the video does not only show the clothes on a variety of body types, but each model’s unique personality shines through in the video. The chaotic colors and backdrops and the model’s bright smiles and dance moves make Collina Strada’s show feel free-spirited and fun.

It’s a far cry from the fashion week shows you may be used to, with tall, thin, and mostly white models displaying clothes with blank expressions. Instead, this video feels modern, at first it’s unhinged and confusing, but soon you can’t help but appreciate the skill and attention to detail it took to create this work, not to mention the impressive animation.

Not only was the show brightly colored and fun, bringing much-needed light and hope during these times, but the clothes shown are environmentally friendly as well. Sustainability has always been a core value of Collina Strada’s brand, with clothes from this show being made using deadstock materials.

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SS21 change is cute Look 33 @dachiangel by Sean-Kierre Lyons ( @niggawitagrape ) Today is the last day to bid on these artwork tees. Only one of each flower will be printed and all proceeds are going to Black Trans Women Charities. The flowers in Lyons’s drawing series By Any Means Necessary are the fierce and benevolent keepers of the forest, embodying a community rooted in resilience and reciprocity. Their radiant beauty at once attracting beneficial pollinators and distracting predators in a dance of colorful symbiosis. Lyon’s work recuperates the characters and cultural context that shapes Black American identity, examining the mutations of folkloric characters from the Antebellum period in the Southern United States (1812-15). With humor and searing acuity, their flower warriors examines histories of representation and ownership, imagining friends and loved ones as the ebullient figures of a Black Flower Forest. “The flowers were born out of the idea that I’m a black trans femme, and I can’t go to protests or do a lot of the things I want to do. I’m older now, and I understand that, so this is my way to vent.” -SK Lyons We worked with SK to create an auction where we are raising money for black trans women. Please check out the auction on our site now. This is the only time this work will be sold to the public as one of a kind pieces. Director/ @charlieengman @_collina Artist Illustrations/ Sean-Kierre Lyons @niggawitagrape Video Editing/ @aliciamersy 3D Animation/ @jefferson_wenzel Styling/ @charlieengman @sasha_melnychuk Make Up/ @alliesmithmakeup @glossier Wigs/ @tomikono_wig Hair Styling/ @chika_nishiyama Original Soundtrack/ @angel__emoji Production/ @barlowandsons Executive Producer/ @barlowsaurus Producer/ @s__a__w COVID19 Compliance Officer/ @apesshit Studio DP/ @tomgorelik PR/ @giakuanconsulting Shoes/ @hokaoneone Special Thanks/ @swarovski @justinhager @sayaka_maruyama_ @blangblang92 @specialspecial @eatmission

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The artwork shown throughout the video has also been printed onto t-shirts, which are being auctioned off to support Black Trans Women Charities. This is yet another way Taymour’s brand is not only speaking about change, but using their influence to enact it on a real level, by supporting marginalized artists and communities.

I thought it was great to see a smaller brand step up to the plate and instead of seeing the Covid-19 pandemic as a setback, took it as an opportunity to try something different. The video sends a message of inclusivity and sustainability without taking itself too seriously. It’s unapologetically weird, fashion-forward, and socially conscious, a combination that I think is essential to the future of the industry.

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