With a virtual fashion week due to the pandemic, unfortunately we did not get to see much of my favorite parts of the events- capturing the street style of all the attendees. There weren’t the same crowds as we’re used to, but there were still tons of great looks being shown off.

Of course, the most important accessory for this year was a face mask. Everyone was required to wear a mask, so don’t worry if you see some photos without them– some subjects decided to remove them to be photographed! However, there were also lots of cool masks out there that can be used to enhance your look, like this gorgeous mask decorated with pearls. You can also coordinate your mask with your clothes using matching colors or patterns. I also loved this final street style snap, which replaced the required mask with an astronaut helmet. It’s far from practical for day-to-day life, but it makes for a standout fashion week accessory!

We saw lots of long dresses at fashion week this year. They’re a great choice, easy to style, and comfortable but dressy. I love this long sleeve yellow dress, which was paired with a yellow bag and mask along with statement earrings and boots. A long sleeve dress with boots is one of my go-to outfits in the fall, and I love this unique take and the balance between the flowing dress and the heavy combat boots. The other two dresses both have great silhouettes that make interesting use of pleats, a trend we’ve been seeing often lately in skirts and dresses.

Lots of looks this year were finished off with funky glasses. If you wear glasses like I do, this year might be a great time to try out a pair of frames you might not have considered, from tortoiseshell to cat-eye. Or you can always get an interesting pair of statement sunglasses for a small investment that can take your look to the next level. I always make sure to pick out sunglasses that block the light and feel comfortable on my face but also double as a headband if I want to hold my hair back. You can go from oversized to teeny-tiny, with fun colored lenses or neon frames.

I always love to see blazers worn in a nontraditional way, and was happy to see a lot of that at fashion week! I love how these first two sets play with proportion as well, especially the loose fit of the gray pants in the first look and how the blue shorts hit right above the knee. They’re both put-together while still being unexpected and playful. I also love the way the third look mixes prints perfectly, I never would have thought to put tie-dye and pinstripes together before seeing this!

Overall, we may have missed out on the hundreds of street style pictures most of us are used to seeing following fashion week, but there were still lots of great looks to be seen and trends to look out for!

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