Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but with social distancing guidelines, the holiday won’t look like it used to. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t all still find ways to make the most of the time. This week, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to get in the Halloween spirit this year.

  1. Safe Trick-or-Treating

If you’re wondering what you can do for trick-or-treaters that follows guidelines in your area, you can look to halloween2020.org, which allows you to get updates for COVID-19 cases in your area and relevant information regarding Halloween in your county. They give all kinds of suggestions for what your area can do according to the CDC.

My county is currently yellow, so our plan for this year is to make up some individual treat bags and leave them at the end of the driveway, along with some hand sanitizer. The neighborhood kids can then pick them up with minimal contact. This year will probably have to look different, but there are ways to make it as safe as possible, especially for kids during a year that’s been tough on us all. You can look online to see what kind of activities comply with guidelines in your area, and get creative this Halloween!

2. Virtual Gatherings

There might not be any Halloween parties this year, but it’s still a chance to get in touch with the friends and family you’ve been missing this year! You can set up a zoom call and get dressed in a simple costume to talk and celebrate together. There’s tons of things you can do, from watching a Halloween movie over zoom, to hosting a online murder mystery. My friends and I are planning on watching a few of our favorites movies together virtually, which is a great alternative to in-person movie nights. Instead of getting dressed up, you can wear some fun festive accessories, or look through your closet for an easy costume.

3. Try Out New Makeup

If you enjoy playing with makeup, this is a great time to get on Youtube and experiment with some cool and creepy looks. Even if you aren’t wearing it out, you can always take some fun pictures! I love horror, and there are lots of tutorials out there, for anyone from experts to beginners. This horror tutorial by Made Up by Kristen looks super scary but is surprisingly easy to do. You could also purchase liquid latex and other costume makeup materials you might not already have on hand online, then get creative trying it out on yourself! Below are some other looks you can try out that don’t require any special materials as well.

5. Festive Masks

There are tons of different mask designs you can shop for as well, that can make for fun accessories for your outfits and add a festive look. This Ouija mask from HecatesBoutique on Etsy is one of my favorites. For a subtle, Clueless-style look, this tartan mask from hatedkidstudio is a fun option as well.

6. Fun Decor

If you’ve been on the internet the past few weeks, there’s a chance you’ve seen the 12-foot skeleton that’s being sold by Home Depot, and is now all over social media. The skeleton was originally $300, but has since sold out nearly everywhere. As great as a larger-than-life skeleton yard decoration sounds, there’s plenty of other fun ways to spice up your place for Halloween. Fairy lights, scented candles, and fun room decor, from vintage pieces off of the thrift store shelves to Halloween store finds are great to set the mood.

So while this year may not look like the Halloween season we’re used to, there’s still plenty we can do to make the most of it! Even if that means appreciating the little (or not so little) things, like decorative skeletons.

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