Halloween is just around the corner, and with our head designer Ginger having experience in the realm of costumes and cosplay, it’s no wonder that it’s one of L. Royalty’s favorite holidays! We have fun thinking of creative characters or themes to go as, and of course, we love making and/or DIYing our costumes. Although this year looks a little different in terms of socially distanced trick or treating and Halloween parties, dressing up is still fun! In fact, it is almost more important to celebrate holidays and find bright spots of joy considering the year that we’ve all had. We recognize that budgets are tight these days, so we enlisted the help of our blogger, Claire, to come up with some costume inspo using things she already had in her closet. She’ll break down her looks into easy to find pieces and give more inspiration ideas. 

The first costume idea that Claire thought of was Minnie Mouse! She had a red skirt with white polka dots that had most recently been worn for Valentine’s Day, and she knew it would be the perfect base for this costume. With the addition of a red top and yellow flats, the look started to take shape. But, what would a costume be without the details? Claire parted her hair down the middle and created two “mouse ears.” Using black scrunchies for a little extra dimension, the buns pull the look together. Claire also told us that she threw on some black tights because it gets cold by Halloween where she lives, so it was a functional fashion addition. 

“I’m a [Minnie] mouse, duh!”
-Mean Girls

Claire warns us that the next costume she came up with may not be in everyone’s wardrobe. “I used to sell vintage clothing on Etsy, and there were a few pieces that I couldn’t bear to part with. This sixties mod mini-dress is one of them,” she explains. To complete the outfit, she found red tights for a pop of color and warmth. As for shoes, she laments not having a pair of go-go boots, but she made do with some short, white heels. She also adds that if someone wants to wear vintage for Halloween, avoid fake blood or adding rips and tears to the garment. “Going as a zombie flapper or vampire hippie is fine, but please don’t destroy vintage clothes. Those pieces tell so many stories and to have survived intact this long is miraculous. The vintage gods will find you if you intentionally ruin them.” She suggests finding a costume shop or looking at thrift stores for other options to alter for aesthetic purposes. 

Mod is a mood.

For a cute literary heroine Halloween costume, Claire recommends Nancy Drew. She suggests a neutral piece such as a classic trench coat or blazer, but for a brighter look, Claire drew inspiration from the 2007 film starring Emma Roberts. What you’ll need for this costume is a plaid skirt, thick belt, and a sweater. Outerwear is the defining moment for this costume, so play around with coats, blazers, and sweaters to your heart’s content. 

One of Claire’s favorite genre of movies is 80s classics. From 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to Dirty Dancing, nothing makes Claire happier. After snagging an aviator jacket over the summer, she channeled her Top Gun attitude. Although she has a t-shirt from the movie, she thinks that an olive jumpsuit would be a girlier swap. The other movie costume she saw in her closet was Grease. Yes, she is aware that Grease came out in 1978 and not in the 80s, but she still loves it. Using the same red shirt from her Minnie Mouse costume, she added a leather jacket and black pants. Voila! You’re a T-Bird and hanging out with John Travolta. 

We hope that you are even more excited for Halloween after seeing our blogger’s ideas! Gathering ideas from books, movies, and TV shows is a great place to start if you’re feeling lost on costume ideas. Take a look in your closet and see what jumps out at you. Got costume questions? Drop them in the comment section below!

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