There are plenty of things you probably love Etsy for– supporting small business, products from skilled artists, and unique gifts. Recently, the online selling platform has partnered with two different celebrities, Tia Mowry and Tan France. Each of them made their own collection home decor, gifts, and other products from different Etsy creators. They each got to design products alongside Etsy creators that complimented their own personal style, from minimalist jugs to oversized knit throw blankets. Usually we place a focus on fashion, but with most of us spending lots of time at home lately, there are also lots of ways that we can focus on enhancing our style through the space around us.

Tan France X Etsy

Tan France’s line focuses on gifts, which is perfect for the holiday season coming up. During an interview for this collaboration, France said, “When buying a gift, I try to consider who the recipient is, what they have, and what they would want, not just need,” he says. “I love to show that I’ve paid attention to their unique aesthetic.”

This sentiment is clearly reflected in the products he’s made. They’re all great gift that are uniquely luxurious, the perfect thing to buy for someone that they might not get for themselves.

This linen robe, complete with a coordinating peacock pocket square and eye mask, is one of my favorite items from his collection. It’s beautifully made and fits the Queer Eye star’s style and aesthetic to a T. It would be perfect for staying fashionable during a relaxing weekend at home.

I think the gift I would most like to receive is this eco-friendly notebook. The cover is made with upcycled t-shirts and the pages are thick recycled paper, perfect for sketching or journaling. It’s also personalized with the recipient’s name, making it a great gift for anyone you know who likes to draw or write.

Another one of my favorites from Tan France’s collection is this throw blanket. It may seem like a steep price for a blanket, but this is made by hand with merino wool. It’s sure to be super soft and warm as well, and comes in three different sizes.

Tia Mowry X Etsy

Tia Mowry made her line with nine different Etsy sellers. The line focuses on different home decor, especially organization. Mowry says that different organizers like the ones in her Etsy collaboration help her to make sure everything has it’s own place in her home. It’s also inspired by Mowry’s interior decoration, in which she relies on neutral color palettes and minimalist aesthetics.

These two textured ceramic dishes by TagliaferroCeramics can function as either a bowl or plate. The “imperfectly perfect” designs give this well-crafted ceramic tableware an interesting twist. They’re great for serving food, as shown here, or simply fill it with fruit for a simple centerpiece on your kitchen table.

Mowry also has a beautiful set of coasters in her collection. They’re made with concrete, and have handpainted accents in rose gold, black, white, and gray. With each coaster being made entirely by hand, each one is a bit different from the last, meaning you’ll have your own unique set.

One of my personal favorites is this print from artist Dee Beale. She makes tons of interesting minimalist art. A print like this one makes great wall art to enhance any room. The simple, black-and-white design means that this artwork is likely to match with whatever color your walls are or any other art you might have hanging up!

Here at L. Royalty, we always love to support small businesses. This Etsy collaboration is a great opportunity to buy from skilled, independent designers who hone their craft for their online shops. Not to mention being able to get interesting new products that are designed by some of your favorite celebrities, either as a treat for youself, or as some early shopping in preparation for the holiday season. Have you heard about these collaborations? What’s your favorite from the collection? Let us know in the comments!

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