Mixing patterns is a skill that is hard for even experienced fashion lovers to be comfortable with. However, pattern mixing is one of the biggest trends right now and a great opportunity to use the clothes in your closet in new and inventive ways. There are a few basic guidelines that can make combining prints and patterns in your own closet a little easier, which we’ll be looking at today. Here at L. Royalty we love mixing patterns, from essential florals to bold realistic galaxy and cloud prints, to classic lace and plaid.

Picking a Dominant Pattern

When working with multiple patterns, it’s always good to work with the rule of opposites. This means, to keep a look balanced, you can use one larger pattern and a smaller pattern as an accent. This could be matching large floral print with small polka dots, or pairing wide stripes with a smaller print. When it comes to the size and complexity of the patterns you’re trying to put together, opposites attract.

Using Polka Dots and Stripes as Neutrals

An easy way to get started mixing patterns is to replace a solid-colored article of clothing in your outfit with stripes or polka dots instead. A simple print like this can stand out against a more complicated one better than you might think.

Coordinating Colors

Choosing the colors for your patterns also relies on balance. You can try lots of different things when it comes to your color palette. You can mix patterns with the same colors for a monochromatic look, pair contrasting colors together for more visual interest, or use mostly neutrals to keep it all tied together.

Plaid is one of the trendiest patterns right now, and I know I own a lot of it. Lots of the pattern mixing that I do involves trying different things with the plaid pieces I own. As winter approaches, this is a great way to keep warm, too! As you can see, when it comes to mixing plaids, the same guideline about having a dominant pattern works really well. It works in every environment as well, from professional blazers to grunge button-ups to pleated schoolgirl miniskirts and warm winter scarves. Especially now, you can find anything in a plaid pattern.


Florals are one of our favorite patterns here at L. Royalty, and it’s also one of the best patterns to mix with others. There are florals in every color, size and shape you could ever want. From huge red roses to groovy vintage prints to ditsy florals, there’s something for everyone’s taste. We’ve also got tons of fun florals in our shop right now.

Here are three of my favorite florals on the site right now. This floral crop top would look great with some interesting striped or polka dotted pants or a plaid blazer. The shift dress would look great with patterned pants under it to keep it warm for the cold weather. I’d also love to wear our skater dress with a fun patterned jacket over it of a striped long sleeve shirt underneath.

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