Here at L. Royalty, we’ve been gearing up to release a brand-new capsule collection for the holiday season! I got to talk to our founder and designer, Ginger Nichelle, all about our brand’s path through 2020, inspirations for the collection, and more. I also got to take a look at her original sketches and fabric samples! It was great to hear about her design process and her dedication to creating plus-sized fashion that’s wearable, well-fitting, affordable, and unique. The collection will be released in early December, but until then you can shop other products on our website here, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be sure you stay updated!

How long have you been working on this collection?

I have been working on this plus size collection for several months. It sounds like a long time; however it has changed several times over the last few months. I first thought to do this collection back in August, and at that time I wanted to do a 12 look collection that was going to be an athleisure collection. However, after some thought, I felt that it was a bit too ambitious to do so many styles at the same time I was working on my raincoat capsule collection. So I ended up changing the amount of styles I wanted to create to 7 looks instead. I also decided to completely change my design direction and to create a collection that retails under $50 for all styles. So in the end, I decided to keep the silhouettes simple and clean, and instead make the looks interesting with fun floral prints. 

Which piece in the collection was the most challenging, and which are you the most proud of? 

I would say that creating looks that have pants and corsets. I only say this because getting the fit of these items are harder to do and I am very picky about how the fit will look in the end. I also wanted to make a corseted belt as an accessory for the more flowy dresses to give shape to waist. This is also challenging as well because I don’t want to make a true waist cinched corset, I just want to give the illusion of one. Honestly it’s the fit that I want to get correct the most and that is the challenging part. I don’t want the person wearing my clothes to drown in them or feel tight and pinched; I want them to feel good in the clothes they wear. It’s hard to say with style I am most proud of, since I love all of the looks I created, however I will say that I am overall just happy I am doing this collection. I am not plus myself, I’m more in between sizes, but I have many friends and family members who are, and I hear the same types of complaints from them while they are looking for clothing. Either their size does not exist in the styles they want, or they get the same tired silhouettes that they don’t want to wear anymore. So overall, I really just happy to provide an exclusive collection to the plus community, I want to continue to create looks that are fun to wear no matter what your body type is.  

How did you choose the floral patterns that you used?

How I picked the fabric I wanted to use was by the concept of using stripes and plaids. I also knew I wanted to use florals with this collection because I tend to put florals in everything I create. So when I found stripe florals and plaid-looking florals, I felt I found exactly what I needed. I also wanted to have a few solid options, just to balance out the collection. I wanted to make sure to keep things fun but also keep it cohesive. 

What were some other inspirations?

My main inspiration was that I wanted the plus community to have something that was just for them. It sounds simple, but I wanted to create this collection with looks that would be fun, easy to wear, affordable, and most of all flatter all body types. I’ve worked as a technical designer in the fashion industry for over 10 years, so I wanted to use my knowledge of fitting my target customer’s body type to create this collection. I also wanted plus sized people to be able to wear what they want, and be on trend. I don’t think they need to wear a big shirt and leggings all the time because they can’t find anything else that fits. I simply want them to have more options to shop, which is why I offer all my styles in plus in addition to straight sizing. I truly hope this collection does well, and I plan on doing more plus exclusive collections in the very new future. 

How did COVID-19 affect the design and production process?

Shopping for fabrics has been the most challenging process to do in this “new normal” world we live in. Shopping for fabrics now means waiting outside the store if there are too many people in the store so there are only a limited amount of customers in the store at a time. It also means sometimes trying to find a simple fabric like cotton can be hard to find because lots of the cotton fabrics are being bought up to create masks for the general public, which means the costs of generic fabrics have to go up to meet with the demand. Some of the stores are not open the same amount of hours they used to be or some places have shut down completely. So now when I go shopping in the fashion district, I have to be a bit more strategic with how I shop and I have to search harder for better pricing on fabrics. This has definitely caused a lot of different types of problems for designing and production in this new normal. Despite all this, I am still here creating, and making the best out of the situation. 

Any more information about the release, and upcoming promotions to share?

The plan is for this plus collection to drop early December, still in time for holiday shopping. I will be sending a few items to different instagram influencers who are all different sizes on my plus size chart. I am really excited about this because everyone will get to see what my clothing looks like on different body types. I will definitely have before and after Christmas sales going on for the launch of the collection. This collection will be available after Christmas but I do hope to sell out before Christmas since I think there are going to be some really cute items!

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