Diana, creator of Doll Haus

This week, I got the amazing opportunity to speak with the creator of Doll Haus. With nearly half a million followers and over 10 million likes on her Tiktok, Diana’s amazing creations have gotten a huge following. She transforms regular dolls into beautiful works of art, and I was excited to learn a little more about her process.

How did you get started transforming dolls?

Two years ago, I stumbled upon a channel called “Dollightful”. Where I watched a woman named Katherine customize dolls and I became obsessed. I’ve always been an artist and any art form excited me. While at that time, I was a 2D artist, but I always wanted to have my drawings “come to life” so to speak. 

What kinds of aesthetics are you inspired by for your creations?

I love lolita, fairy kei, desserts, sparkly things, etc. I’m very girly, and I love bright and fun colors! However, one of my sources of inspiration is a bit odd- Vintage amusement parks. I’ve loved them since I was very little, and consider myself a bit of a historian. The overall aesthetic is so magical to me.

How long does a doll usually take you to create?

A doll can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. But my Average is a week.

You’ve worked with lots of different dolls on your social media, including even a troll doll! Which ones do you like working with the best?

 I love working with monster high! The face molds are so beautiful and delicate, as well as easy to manage. I’d like to branch out to other dolls as well!

Are their any designs you’ve made that you’re particularly proud of?

Goodness, this is a tough question. I’m very proud of all my designs, But I can narrow it down to three. Octavia, the Pumpkin Witch. – Hand beaded dress, Handmade witch hat, with special care to the face. Jade, Beetle warrior, – She took two weeks, with each piece of armor hand sculpted and painted, inspired by the Japanese beetles in my mother’s garden. Blondie the Cow: A commission from a very sweet customer who gave me a ton of creative freedom, so I went wild. 

You have a big following for your dolls on tiktok.  How did you get your start there, and what’s your favorite part about the platform?

 I decided to post about one of the first dolls I ever made in March of 2019, and It blew up. My mother, who was a marketing major, always told me that “Figuring out what your audience likes is the key to success” I took that to heart, and now I’m here! Also, what may have helped is that I was one of the first, if not the first doll artist on the platform. My favorite thing about the platform is how easy it is to edit my videos, and my lovely fans, who I cherish.

Right now you sell some dolls and do commissions. Do you have any goals for your brand in the future, or for yourself as an artist?

One of my goals for the future is to sculpt my own doll. I want to work for a toy company and be a full time doll artist. As, this is my passion. My goals for myself as an artist, well, I’d like to get better at sewing! as, it’s my weakness, but I always try my best! But, If I could create my own doll line, that would be my dream come true.

I had a great time learning more about Diana’s dolls in this interview! If you want to see more, you can look to her Instagram, and if you’re interested in a custom doll of your own, you can inquire here!

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