One of the best ways to support the small business that have faced challenges throughout this year is to support them for your holiday shopping. Not only are you giving your money to artists and small business owners, but shopping small gives you the opportunity to give unique gifts. You can get your friends and family personalized gifts, things that are specific to their interests, or handcrafted pieces that will last them for years to come. 

For family and friends that love a sweet treat, sending them some cookies from a bakery like Salty Sweet is a great option. They are based in San Francisco, but ship worldwide, and have lots of options. If you miss the usual holiday baking, this could be a great way to share some food made with love, even if you’re far away.

Journaling has become a huge trend over this year. With lots of free time and tons of historical events to keep track of, more people than ever have gotten started journaling. If someone you know likes to write or collage, one of these journaling kits is a great buy for them. There are lots of different sets on Etsy, and you can choose one that matches the aesthetic of your recipient. From then on, they’ll be thinking of you when they add all the tape, appliques, and stickers to their journal that take it to the next level. 

We Are Unapologetic is a great brand that focuses on handcrafted floral lingerie as well as loungewear and other styles. Going up to a size 5x, this business is very size-inclusive and has all kinds of unique styles you won’t find anywhere else. I love this fuzzy jogger and tank top set, which is available in the brand’s inclusive range of sizes as well as multiple colorways. They’re fun and trendy, but also the perfect comfy outfit for staying in this winter.

These beautiful floral rings from Magical Minimalist are currently on sale for only $20.30. You can choose the size of the ring, a silver, gold, or rose gold finish, and one of 24 different flower designs to be etched into the ring. You can match the flower to their birth month, or simply choose one of their favorites for a simple, timeless ring they’re sure to treasure, without breaking the bank. 

Finally, one of my favorite items from our shop that would make a great gift is the Voluptuous Robe. It’s dramatic and exciting, but still comfortable, and sure to make a standout present.

This year, it has been harder than ever for small businesses to stay afloat, and many are relying on a successful holiday season to keep them secure going into a very uncertain 2021. Not only will you be supporting them, but you’ll be getting gifts that are made with love and more meaningful than what you could get just anywhere. So when you’re shopping for gifts, be sure to keep these artists and entrepreneurs in mind for all your gift-giving needs! 

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