After a long, challenging year, I think it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to 2021. There are plenty of resolutions I’d like to make going forward, and this week I’ll be focusing on what I hope to change about my fashion habits in the new year.

Swearing off fast fashion

For me, I’m hoping that 2021 is the year I can swear off fast fashion once and for all. As much as I love shopping, and getting cheap, trendy clothes, the impact that the fashion industry has done on our environment is a tradeoff that’s no longer worth it to many people. You can start small, such as limiting the number of fast fashion purchases that you make per month, or going to some thrift stores before trying the mall. This also helps save you money in the long run, as you do more research into the clothes you want, and end up buying higher quality pieces that you’ll wear for years to come. This video is a great look at getting started dressing more sustainably.

Supporting Small Businesses

This year was tough on everyone, but especially small business owners, many of which have had a hard time staying afloat through the pandemic. Rather than buying from fast fashion companies, next year is a great one to discover some new small businesses. You can find them online: social media like Instagram or Tiktok are a great way to find new favorite designers. One of my favorite ways to find new small businesses is to ask people I know whose style I admire where they like to shop. The people around you might be huge fans of brands that you haven’t heard of yet! Many smaller brands also rely on word of mouth to spread their name to potential customers. So if you shop small and absolutely love what you’ve gotten, it’s always great to tell your friends, or even strike a pose in your new look and post it online to show your followers!

Thrifting Locally

A great way to help your community and get some great deals at the same time is to shop at your local thrift stores. Unlike chain thrift stores, these are operated by organizations in your area. Donating your old clothes to these places, and shopping with them as well, directly supports the people in need near you. For example, my favorite local thrift stores are run by a woman’s shelters in my area. Not only does the money I spend there go 100% to their charity efforts, but these stores also allow people in need to shop for professional clothing, clothes for their children, and more, entirely free of charge. Make it your new year’s resolution to find a thrift store that does good in your community and support them with your purchases!

Quality over Quantity

The most important of my clothing resolutions is to follow this very simple rule. In past years, I’ve been one to buy everything off the rack that I like, just because it has a cheap price tag. But this has always led me to feeling dissatisfied with my closet, thinking I need more clothes when I know that I already own more than I wear. This might mean buying less things, but that also allows you to invest in pieces you’ll be wearing for years to come, like a timeless handbag or sturdy boots. Another way to do this is to shop with a plan in mind– not just aimlessly scrolling and clicking “add to cart” like many of us do nowadays. This year, I’m looking forward to trying new styles and combinations with the clothes I already own, and only buying new things when I feel good about the purchase I’m making. If you’re looking for a low-buy or even no-buy 2021, this video is a great place to start.

What changes will you be making to your closet for 2021? Be sure to comment below!

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