With 2021 upon us and the COVID-19 vaccine still in its first stages of distribution, it has been announced that London Fashion Week, which runs from February 19th to February 23rd, will be filmed ahead of time and streamed online without a live audience. It’s unsurprising that we are looking at another year of virtual fashion shows, but I’m excited to see what designers have prepared for this year. I was impressed by much of the content that came out of these online shows in 2020, and even wrote about one of my favorites, Collina Strada, in a previous post.

With Britain a week into their third national lockdown, facing a new strain of the coronavirus, and their vaccination program on track with nearly 2 million vaccines a week across the country, the nation’s guidelines are constantly shifting, which can be a challenge for everyone involved in putting together a fashion show. Even without an audience, the designers, models, hair and makeup artists, camera crews, maintenance staff, and others are looking for the safest possible ways to interact with each other.

The chief executive office of the British Fashion Council had this to say about their upcoming fashion week:

“We will continue to push for support and champion our extraordinary businesses to global audiences. Despite all the challenges the last few years have brought, I truly believe that the creativity, agility and business savvy of our sector will prevail, and our British businesses and fashion workforce will see us re-calibrate to not only be strong creatively but strong sustainably, too.”

The British Fashion Council is also working with the country’s government to navigate travel restrictions and quarantine requirements for designers traveling from other countries, so they can still safely participate and showcase their works.

There’s already plenty of content to be found on their website, Londonfashionweek.com. The homepage offers options to explore previous collections as well as look at the schedule for next month’s shows.

There are lots of great designers whose showcases I’m looking forward to seeing. Designer A Sai Ta’s brand ASAI is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week. He has experience working with Yeezy and The Row, and his womenswear line had become a favorite of celebrities like Rihanna. The pair even collaborated on a Fenty capsule collection together. The brand also received a 2020 British Fashion Award in recognition for their social justice work and activism, including work in demanding antiracism education in the UK, and donating sales proceeds to charitable organizations fighting for worker’s rights and racial justice. ASAI’s colorful dyed fabrics and unconvential designs are sure to be a bright spot of London Fashion Week this year

My favorite part of the site is the “Positive Fashion” section, which features podcasts, interviews, articles, and more regarding the future of fashion. For inclusivity to sustainability, there’s a ton of interesting content to look at before the shows even start.

I hope that as we enter 2021, despite the fact that there isn’t much hope for live fashion shows in the near future, we can use virtual events like these to connect with each other in unique and innovative ways.

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