These past few weeks have been full of developments in the fashion industry, and here at L. Royalty we love staying up to date on all the latest news! Today we’ll be looking at some recent collaborations, releases, and controversies that have had the world talking. From Lil Nas X’s “Satan” shoes to Guess copying Telfar’s sigature tote bag, there’s lots to talk about!

Shami Oshun Collaborates with Fenty Beauty

Oshun is a designer who gained notoriety for making nude face masks that matched customer’s Fenty foundation shades. Recently, her unique idea caught the eye of Rihanna and her team, and now Oshun’s designed an exclusive mask for Early Access Fenty Beauty members. It’s awesome to see a huge business like Fenty support this smaller creator!

Lil Nas X Goes Viral with his Satan Shoe

Lil Nas X, who’s most famous for his 2019 hit “Old Town Road”, collaborated with streetwear brand MSCHF, whose famous for performing stunts on social media, to create an exclusive pair of sneakers to promote the release of his new single Montero. The shoes were modified Nike sneakers that included pentagrams and a drop of real human blood in the soles. The 666 pairs were priced at $1,018 each, and the release sold out in less than a minute. Now, Nike is also suing Lil Nas X and MSCHF for copyright infringement. The shoes, and Lil Nas X’s music video, have also faced controversy from some Christians who object to his use of satanic imagery and LGBT identity, with Lil Nas X getting back at his haters with posts on Twitter and Youtube.

Guess Stops Production of Tote Bag Following Controversy

Another recent event in the fashion industry revolved around Guess, who recently made this tote that bears striking similarities to the Telfar vegan leather totes that skyrocketed in popularity last year. Following internet backlash, Guess has since issued this statement and promised to stop making the handbags. Despite their statement, this is clearly a direct copy, from the logo placement and embossing to the straps and silhouette. Even the available colorways mimiced Telfar’s offerings.

Signal Brands, the handbag licensee of Guess, Inc., has voluntarily halted the sale of its G-Logo totes. Some on social media have compared the totes to Telfar Global’s shopping bags. Signal Brands does not wish to create any impediments to Telfar Global’s success and, as such, has independently decided to stop selling the G-logo totes.

Sustainable Brand BAACAL Partners with Yvette Nicole Brown

BAACAL is a luxury fashion brand that focuses on creating sustainable clothing for women sized 10-22. 80% of their limited-run collections are made in Los Angeles entirely out of upcycled and vintage materials. They’ve recently announced actress Yvette Nicole Brown as the new face of the brand. From a starring role on NBC’s Community to parts in Drake and Josh, Avenger’s: Endgame, The Office, and Malcolm in the Middle, Yvette Nicole Brown has been in dozens of iconic television shows and movies.

What are your thoughts on the recent happenings in the world of fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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