June is World Ocean Month, a global initiative started by the National Ocean Service to celebrate our planet’s oceans and support protection and conservation movements. While we may recognize five different oceans on Earth, they’re all interconnected to form the one world ocean that covers over two-thirds of our planet. This week, we’ll be looking at a few different things you can do to recognize the importance of our oceans and have fun doing it!

Organize a Beach Cleanup 

If you’re lucky enough to live near an ocean, this is the perfect activity for you! Invite friends, family, or community members to take a scenic beachside stroll, but bring along gloves and trash bags to clean up any litter you find along the way! This is a great way to get outside and take care of your own local environment. If there are no beaches by you, local hiking trails, lakes, and parks are great options as well!

Check out Local and Online Events

The World Ocean Day website has a map full of events you can participate in, from online webinars to in-person events. You can attend webinars talking about everything from ocean art to the future of aquariums all from the comfort of your home!

Watch an Ocean Documentary

There are tons of entertaining and educational documentaries out there about marine life, and this month is a great time to gather some friends to watch one together! You can learn about some of the most intelligent animals on the planet with My Octopus Teacher, or everywhere from the coasts to the depths of the ocean with the Our Planet series. 

Appreciate the Ocean with Art

If you’re someone who enjoys drawing, painting, or journaling, you can always take the time to reflect on the ocean’s beauty and its meaning to us all through art! From sitting on a beach to do some live painting to doodling some of your favorite ocean animals, art is a great way to express your love for the ocean and our environment. This tutorial from the Timken Museum of Art is an educational tutorial on how to draw marine life.

Donate to Conservation Efforts

This is a great time to make a charitable donation to any organization working to protect our oceans and marine life! You can do research into groups that are working in your community, or donate to an international one. One option might be the Bahamas Plastic Movement, which is reducing plastic pollution in the Bahamas,one of the places most affected by marine debris. You could also donate to the Pacific Whale Foundation, which educates children on marine life and protects aquatic mammals. 

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