Knitted Winter Thick Sweater


Feel like a goddess. Become obsessed with our Knitted Winter Thick Sweater. This piece is a solid basic sweater, lightweight, soft and warm to wear. This warm cute sweater will accompany you through the cold fall/winter. Cuddly- perfect to fight off the cold, casual, soft, cozy and comfy that it fits the bill. Fluffy and adorable with an array of colors you to need to pick more than just one. 

Have that picture perfect look.


  • Perfect length or high or mid waist jeans.
  • Boxy, cropped fit.
  • Breathable.
  • Comfortably, fashionable while keeping you warm.
  • Keep warm and look stylish during winter/fall.
  • Effortlessly find a great gift for you or your bestie.
  • Pair with jeans to get a casual, chic, cozy look for fall.

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