Floral Print Maxi Cottage Core Dress


Create a flattering and elongating silhouette, you know, what every girl dreams about. Be stopped multiple times by everyone on the street while complimenting this soft flattering dress. Our Floral Print Maxi Cottage dress will exceed the highest expectations. This elegant dress is made of high quality fabric, which is soft to the touch, comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. Walk elegantly with vibrant colors. Perfect for any season- with knit sweaters (bolero jackets, blazers) or tank tops underneath. This is definitely one of those surprisingly charming dresses.

This dress is magical.


  • Fitted enough to be flattering but comfortably loose and flow-y.
  • Great for precious times when you want a more conservative look.
  • Receive tons of compliments from everyone.
  • Feel ready to frolic through the flowers in this Cottage-core inspired dress.

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