Oversized Cloud Soft Sweater


Our Oversized Cloud Soft Sweater is the sweater of your dreams. It is perfect for day dreaming or just keeping things casual. You can have the vest or the sweater, or better yet, why not both! Soft, warm and charming on your skin, cozy for the winter around the house, oversized, yet perfectly fit. Extremely snuggly, and quite stretchy. It would keep you warm in cooler weather and not too hot on warmer days. 

You can't go wrong with this look!


  • Smooth feel on your skin while protecting you from the cooler weather.
  • Feels great to lounge around the house.
  • Dress up or down fashionably while keeping you warm.
  • Stay warm and flattering for the fall or winter weather.
  • Be fashionably cozy.
  • Stay warm and soft to touch.

 Tags: Loose Autumn Spring Teens Soft Sweater


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