Oversized Prep School Knitted Sweater


Do you like it a little baggy and comfortable? Do you want to feel stylish? Get ready for Fall or Winter with our Prep School Knitted Sweater.  Featured here is a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Extremely snuggly, and quite stretchy. It would keep you cozy in colder areas and not too hot at cooler weather. So unique, yet not itchy or frumpy. This sweater is so cute, it takes you back to the 90's. Easily paired with jeans, leggings or skirts to give a casual/cozy look for going outside and a chill, ready-to-read-a-book-and-drink-a-warm-beverage feel for when you’re at home.

This sweater takes us back to the 90's. Prep school, Clueless, Hilary Banks, all our fav 90's girls. Which is your fav?


  • Smooth feel on your skin while you spend time out in the cold weather.
  • Dress up or down fashionably.
  • Stay loose and flattering for the fall.
  • Be fashionably cozy.
  • Keep the cold out while being stylish.

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