A Guide To Mixing Prints and Patterns

A Guide To Mixing Prints and Patterns

Mixing patterns is a skill that is hard for even experienced fashion lovers to be comfortable with. However, pattern mixing is one of the biggest trends right now and a great opportunity to use the clothes in your closet in new and inventive ways. There are a few...

Dressing for your Body Type

You’ve likely seen images like these many different times, which categorize women’s bodies based on their measurements and general proportions. These different body types have been researched time and time again in an effort to help women decide which cuts...

Trending Vinyl and Outfit Inspiration

This week, as L Royalty Clothing prepares to release our new raincoat collection, I’ll be taking a look at some trends involving vinyl and sharing some outfit inspiration for your own closet. Vinyl is a bold material to work with. It’s often fitted, shiny,...

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