About Us

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My name is Ginger Nichelle, and I am a fashion designer living in sunny Los Angeles, California. My online brand Lolita Royalty Clothing was officially launched in January of 2017 and since then, I have been able to show collections at LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and other local fashion shows in northern & southern California. I have been working in the corporate side of the fashion industry for over ten years and have been creating custom costumes freelance for the same amount of time. I am now diving headfirst into expanding my brand to various media including YouTube, podcasting, and brand collaborations, where my hope is to inspire other upcoming designers to make their dreams a reality. 


‘Lolita Royalty Clothing’ is a clothing line started by designer Ginger Nichelle, After Ginger had great success being a costume designer for over nine years, she decided in 2016 to move into design work and finally open up her clothing store, a dream that she has carried with her since she was young and creating clothing her Barbie dolls. L. Royalty Clothing is a brand that is inspired by Barbie, harajuku fashion, and everything pink. With bold colors, mix and match prints and everything in between, L. Royalty Clothing is for the person who wants to stand out in the crowd. Founded by costume designer & tv personality Ginger Nichelle, L. Royalty is definitely a brand for those who love to coordinate their look everyday and still feel as if they are wearing something they just bought off the runway!